About urLoan™

urLoan™ is a fast, secure and confidential way to obtain a personal loan when the banks won’t help. More and more Canadian consumers are having difficulty getting a loan from the big banks and credit unions because the government and various regulators have put rules in place to make it difficult for banks to take risk. On the other end of the lending spectrum, Payday lenders are getting richer and richer off these same consumers because no one else will lend to them. Introduce urLoan™, finally Canadian consumers have a flexible option to obtain a term loan and work their way back to the banks.

urLoan™ is not a Payday lender

We loan you money at reasonable interest rates and with a repayment plan that works for you and helps you build your credit over time. Re-payment terms also range from 6-24 months, unlike Payday lenders which are very short-term. Also, unlike our competitors, you don’t need to own your home to get a loan with us!  Were you referred to us by a creditor that you owe money too?  Visit www.progressa.com.

Approval for a personal loan in as quickly as 24 hours

Approvals are based on employment and verifiable income, unlike the traditional method of credit score used by the banks and taking security on your assets. Require a debt consolidation loan? We will work with you to ensure it’s the right decision and will leave you financially better off after borrowing from us. Also, if you pay back your loan on time with us, you will automatically be eligible for interest rate reductions to save yourself borrowing costs!

Required Documentation & Verification

  • Proof of income (provide your last 2 paystubs)
  • Proof of address (cable, hydro, etc.)
  • 2 Pieces of Government issued identification
    (driver’s license, passport, etc.)
  • Last 3 months of Bank Statements
  • Employment Verification

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